We are Green

Aparthotel Green has been built in an environmentally friendly system. 
We have equipped the building with a heat pump and photovoltaic panels which cover 100% of thermal requirements of the premises.
In addition, high-quality building and finishing materials were used at each stage of construction to reduce energy losses.

We follow the idea of Zero Waste, which is why we try to minimise the production of waste in our hotel. We definitely say NO to disposable PLASTIC!
Moreover, water in our hotel is served in glass bottles, and water from our taps is free of harmful substances and is suitable for direct consumption.

At our hotel you will find:

  • refillable cosmetic dispensers as an alternative to disposable cosmetics,
  • reusable hand towels,
  • reusable packaging,
  • garbage bags made of recycled material,
  • smart lighting reducing light pollution,
  • decoration made of partly recycled materials.


Being a green point on the map of Świnoujście, we encourage our guests to enjoy their recreational activities in natural surroundings.
Therefore, in our hotel you can find a number of facilities for cyclists:

  • free access to a locked bicycle storage room (prior reservation required),
  • charging station for electric bikes,
  • tool kit for bike repair,
  • option to rent high quality bicycles for adults, children and youth, 
  • option to rent trike for disabled adults,
  • option to rent electric bikes,
  • the possibility to use the professional bike repair service of our local partners for a fee,
  • tourist guide with a map of bicycle routes,
  • laundry facilities for washing and drying clothes before the next tour.